16 Dec

Forgotten for more than a century, French olive oil back on top

Maussane les Alpilles, France — Thirty-five years ago olive-grower Raymond Gonfond pondered giving up on his olive trees — because olive oil was not selling. Now the whole world is enamoured of this green gold, which underpins the famed ‘Mediterranean diet’ … and olive-growers are prospering. “When I was starting out, olive oil had a […]

09 Dec

Indians take to olive oil for healthier tomorrow

With lifestyle diseases like obesity and heart trouble becoming endemic in the country, Indians are increasingly taking to olive oil as the preferred cooking medium, prompting global manufacturers to eye this growing market. According to the International Olive Council (IOC), a non-profit organisation, Indians today consume some 2,000 tonnes of olive oil per annum, but […]

08 Dec

Turkish Olive oil sector struck by internal fighting

Once ranking forth after Spain, Italy and Greece, Turkish olive oil production suffered a setback. Now it ranks sixth after Syria and Tunisia. As olive oil consumption is on the rise world wide globally, efforts are underway to increase Turkey’s share in global production. But the necessary transition to modern harvesting is slow and the […]

24 Oct

IOC launches campaign in India

The International Olive Council (IOC) has launched a promotion campaign in India with an interactive media workshop that was held on September 20, 2007 at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi. The workshop aimed to provide in-depth information on olive oil and table olives as well as provide about their health and nutritional aspects. Franco Oliva, […]

08 Oct

Drought to seal fate of Turkey’s black gold

Drought adversely affected agriculture everywhere around the Mediterranean this year and vegetable production has suffered one of its worst seasons. Livelihood of millions in the Marmara and Aegean regions of Anatolia, olive production has dropped dramatically due to scourging heat. The production of the olive, commonly described as “black gold” in many provinces across Anatolia’s […]