01 Oct

We’re back

Hi Everyone,   Just a quick post to let you know that after a few month of silence, we are back and will resume pretty soon our quest finding and publishing the best news, info and articles related to Olives and Olives Oils. Stay tuned 😉 The Team      

14 Sep

Sicilians olive oil maker losing faith in United States

By A. Craig Copetas, Beneath the precious fruit of an olive tree planted in 1776 outside the mountain hamlet of Sambuca di Sicilia, Giovanni Di Bennardo mops summer dust from his brow and explains how he’ll make it to America. “I will only go when I’m a rich man,” said the 29-year-old manager of Di […]

27 Aug

Corning’s Olive Festival draws large crowd

By Stevie Ipsen, CORNING – Though the town of Corning is not a large one, the streets of the Olive City seemed as deserted as a ghost town as people entered the city on Saturday – that is until they drove toward Woodson City Park, where not a parking spot could be found for blocks. […]

21 Aug

Madera, CA: Olive price is up, but production mediocre

By Ramona Frances, Unlike other commodities in Madera County, the fruit from olive-bearing orchards will not lead to a “bumper” crop this year. The price may be good, but this year’s yields aren’t as impressive. “Some of the trees are looking good (this year), others don’t have anything on them at all,” said grower Jim […]

17 Aug

Belgique: les fûts d’olives contenaient 11 tonnes de cannabis

La police de Liège et les services de douanes ont mis la main sur 11 tonnes de cannabis stockées dans des fûts qui contenaient officiellement des olives. Les trafiquants avaient mis au point un système de fûts qui s’inspirent des poupées russes pour dissimuler la drogue. Des conteneurs de plus petites tailles remplis d’olives avaient […]