18 Nov

Two very different takes on Lebanon’s love affair with olive oil

By Christian Porth, Every year from early November until late January, farmers throughout Lebanon engage in the timeless ballet that is the olive harvest. Dating back to the Phoenicians in the 3rd century, the production of olive oil has remained one of Lebanon’s oldest industries. With olive oil a key ingredient in most traditional Lebanese […]

11 Nov

The Olive in California: History of an Immigrant Tree

With California olives and olive oils now savored all over the globe, this beautifully illustrated volume is a timely tribute to the California olive and its much-deserved place in history. Click here to preview the book online!

02 Nov

Northern Yuba County, CA climate’s is considered ideal for growing olives

Northern Yuba County is nothing like Greece, but the Mediterranean-like climate and rocky soils in the foothills are considered ideal for growing olives. By Laura Brown, “We’re on a very similar latitude as Athens,” said Steve McCulley, one of four partners who operates the company, Apollo Olive Oil, in the remote community of Oregon House. […]

02 Nov

Central Coast farmers expand olive oil production

A San Luis Obispo County farm advisor says olive acreage has been growing, mainly among small-scale farmers who sell handcrafted oil. One couple moved their entire, 96-year-old olive orchard more than 300 miles from the Sacramento Valley, to re-establish it near Creston. [Source] Click here

17 Oct

Olives, Flavored by Time, Seasoned With Memories

Article by Julia Moskin, Photo by Sylwia Kapuscinski, Marco Smouha performed the ancient autumnal rite of olive-curing last week here at his son’s home, far from the nearest olive groves, but close to the traditions of his ancestors. Mr. Smouha used 40 pounds of walnut-size fresh green olives from California, where the season is nearing […]