25 Sep

Pakistani Governement has planned to enhance olive oil production

The Federal Government has planned to enhance olive oil production and processing areas in 12 district of Balochistan to bring 6000 acres of land for the cultivation of olive orchard. According to the ministry of food and agriculture sources during the five years, 675000 plants in these districts which are considered as low delta crop […]

28 Aug

Strategy formulated for regulating olive products sector

Regional experts, public officials and owners of olive oil presses convened this week to draw up a strategy for regulating the olive products sector and addressing environmental problems resulting from olive by-products. During the third meeting of the regional committee of the integrated waste management of the Olive Oil Pressing Industries Programme, participants discussed means […]

20 Aug

Myriad benefits of Olive oil

Diabetes: An olive-oil-rich diet is not only a good alternative in the treatment of diabetes, but also helps in preventing or delaying the onset of the disease. Obesity and abdominal fat: Olive oil is high in calories like any other fats and oils, but the research states that, there is less obesity amongst the Mediterranean […]

14 Aug

Californian table olive growers get record prices as acreage shrinks

By Ching Lee, California olive growers are expecting excellent prices for this year’s crop, which is projected to be 112,000 tons, up considerably from last year’s 16,800 tons. After a disastrous crop in 2006, California table olive growers are poised to receive some of the highest prices ever for their fruit this year, but many […]

07 Aug

Italica Imports introduced a Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil enriched with Omega-3

Public health officials and the news media have been sending a resounding message that Americans need more Omega-3 in their diets. Italica Imports, in an effort to give consumers the healthiest products on the market, recently introduced a Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil enriched with Omega-3. This product aligns itself with increased consumer demand for […]