29 Apr

A L’Olivier Huile D’Olive a Tartiner au Citron

Here’s something you don’t see every day, a product that gives itself a makeover. It starts off as one thing, and then changes into something better, at first glance, this dairy substitute doesn’t look particularly appealing in a good light, it resembles lemon curd; from an unflattering angle it squawks ‘chicken fat’ so our hopes […]

29 Feb

History affirms benefits of olive oil in diet

By Roy Pirrung, For many years health advocates have touted the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, at the base of that diet is olive oil. Since the Bronze Age, olive oil in the diet has been the cornerstone of health for many reasons. Many people dislike the taste and the thought that it contains saturated […]

24 Jan

The 2nd edition of Olive d’Or at SIAL Montreal

During the SIAL Montréal 2007, the 1st edition Olive d’Or has been highly successful in terms of participation, and stood-out as one of the most important international contest. The competition attracted 144 olive oils from more than 18 countries around the world. Register today for the 2nd edition during SIAL Montréal 2008 from April 23-25, […]

05 Dec

Olive Oil 101 covers the basics

With its distinct flavor and aroma, olive oil adds a wonderfully exotic taste to foods. As is the case with fine wines, the flavor, color and fragrance of olive oil varies considerably depending on the type of olive grown, the growing region and the crop’s condition. The terminology used to describe olive oil is rather […]

18 Sep

South Australia’s Pendleton Olive Oil Estate took out two champion medals

A deli line from a supermarket brand of Australian olive oil won a champion’s medal at last week’s Sydney Royal Fine Food competition. Cobram Estate, from the Murray region, was named a champion for its varietal extra virgin olive oil. There were tears of joy at its Victorian headquarters. The results come after a rough […]