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05 Feb

China: Warning issued over ‘bargain’ olive oil

By Angela Xu, CITY consumers have been warned to be wary of incorrectly labelled olive oil from small stalls in wholesale markets. Olive oil is popular during the Spring Festival, which has prompted the caution from cereal and oil experts. The oil to avoid is made from olive pomace, or pulp. According to English labels, […]

19 Nov

Rajasthan, Israel join hands to plant olive trees

Aimed at popularising olive oil in food preparations JAIPUR: The Rajasthan State Agricultural Marketing Board on Saturday signed a tripartite agreement with two Israeli companies to promote cultivation of olive trees in the desert State. State Agriculture Minister Prabhulal Saini said olive would be cultivated on 210 hectares of Government land at 10 different locations […]

27 Sep

Italy trade group to promote olive oil

The Italian Trade Commission said Wednesday it will hold a food fair in Tokyo on Oct. 18 to promote prize-winning Italian olive oils and other popular food including pasta, cheeses, candy and wines. The event will highlight in particular olive oils which won the prestigious Ercole Olivario awards presented each year in Spoleto, a city […]

27 Sep

More on olive oil classification

By Reggie Aspiras, Olive Oil is classified by the degree of acidity. The best are cold-pressed varieties: Extra Virgin—the fruitiest, most flavorful and, obviously, the costliest of them all. It is a cold-pressed product of the first extraction/pressing of the olives, with 0.8-1 percent acidity. It comes in a myriad of colors from deep to […]

20 Sep

Striking oil

By Reggie Aspiras, With olive oil, food tastes better, we all agree, but there are nagging questions like… Are there substitutes? And why is it so expensive? Insofar as substitutes are concerned, any oil can be used in its place but, by doing so, you rob the dish of the very essence that only good […]