13 Mar

Croatia: Punat Days of Olives festival has begun

The 12th “Days of Olives” festival started this weekend in Punat on the Island of Krk in the northern Adriatic and will continue until 19 October. Visitors will have a chance to participate in the olive harvest as well as in olive processing and to attend gastronomical, cultural and and other programmes. Days of Olives […]

12 Mar

Croatia: Olive harvest enough for 51,000 hectolitres of olive oil

According to estimates of Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development they are expecting a harvest of 38,000 tons of olives or 51,000 hectolitres of olive oil in Croatia. The best harvest is expected in Dubrovnik-Neretva county and the worst in Sibenik-Knin and Zadar counties, especially on the islands where the expected harvest is up […]

25 Nov

California, Lodi’s latest fruit

By Marc Lutz, Grapes may always be king, but olive crops could hold steady second. A lumbering beast crawls along the ground in the olive orchards near Kingdon and Thornton roads, gobbling up the green-black fruit from hundreds of trees. The grape-sized olives are then spit into a large plastic bin to be transported to […]

15 Nov

PA Squeezes Out Millions of Dollars from Olive Harvest

By Hana Levi Julian, Tens of thousands of acres in Judea and Samaria are blanketed with olive groves that now are bare of their fruit as one of the most successful harvest seasons in history draws to a close. Palestinian Authority Arab farmers earned estimated revenues of more than $140 million from this year’s olive […]

08 Nov

Caltech presses on with annual olive harvest

Article by Janette Williams, Photo by Walt Mancini, There were many people volunteering to pick olives at Caltech’s second Olive Festival Friday, November 7, 2008. Harvesters will transfer the olives to crates for commerial processing. For the second year, Caltech turned what was a major annoyance on campus – olives underfoot from the 130 trees […]