24 Jun

1500 years Old Olive Tree

This olive tree is over 1,500 years old and stands on the Ionian island of Ithaka, the home of the hero, Odysseus who returned there after the Trojan Wars. Astronomers have now confirmed that Homer’s description of the solar eclipse when Odysseus got home and reclaimed his wife, Penelope from her suitors, points conclusively to […]

17 Jun

Documentary: Il Buco’s Olive Oil Harvested by Seniors

Il Buco owner Donna Lennard will debut her olive-oil documentary, La Raccolta, at the Food Film Festival tomorrow night. The film captures the waning traditions of Umbria’s olive-oil harvest, and a tasting of what Lennard calls the region’s “full-flavored, herbaceous, and spicy oil” will follow. Lennard attended NYU’s graduate film program, but this is her […]

09 Jun

Kalamata Queen reigns over olives

By Kyra Gottesman, Jennifer Davis is The Kalamata Queen, her kingdom is a small orchard with the Sutter Buttes to the south, Lassen Peak to the north, the Thermalito Afterbay to the west and Oroville Dam to the east. “Isn’t it beautiful?” asks Davis, surveying her silver-leafed olive trees and the magnificent 360-degree view. “I […]

01 Jun

Australian Olive theives have strike again

Olive thieves struck again. The Amenduni Australian Olive Expo’s grove holds 200 olive trees, all of which have been stripped of their fruits due to be harvested before the October display. The Hunter Valley, NSW, has also been hit recently. The ACT grove is surrounded by security fences, which are more than one-metre high and […]

21 May

A million olive trees to make Indian desert bloom for farmers

By Rhys Blakely, The desert of Rajasthan in the north of India is to be planted with a million olive trees grown in Israel in an effort to transform the landscape and the fortunes of its struggling farmers. The countries are finalising a three-year plan on agriculture that will introduce several crops associated with the […]