15 Oct

Lebanese Southern farmers flock to olive groves as harvest season kicks off

By Mohammed Zaatari, With the start of the autumn olive-picking season in Lebanon, farmers in the South flocked to their olive groves Monday in order to gather the fruit and ensure provisions for the upcoming year. In the village of Tanbourit near Sidon, Umm Abdo Sawma expressed satisfaction over this year’s crop. “We have a […]

15 Oct

Olives Growth Potential in Oregon

By Greg Stiles, Photo Bob Pennell, Will olives be the successor to pears and grapes? One Rogue Valley farm has decided to test the market. What appears to be a massive new vineyard between Bellinger Lane and old Jacksonville Highway isn’t really a vineyard at all. The 140-acre apron, once part of the Clancy Orchard […]

04 Oct

Australian Olive oil fears fruitless

By Leslie White, FEARS growers may have had to rip out a widely planted variety of olives due to poor oil yields appear to have subsided. In 2000, olive growers were worried the manzanillo variety would disappoint growers who had planted it as an oil producer. However, latest figures indicate the mass removal of the […]

30 Sep

Olive pest in Southern California

By Dan Bryant, Olive psyllid, a serious pest of olives in Mediterranean locales, has been identified on landscape olive trees in Southern California and may pose a threat to the state’s olive industry, according to a University of California, Riverside research entomologist. “Psyllids are some of the most fecund insects I have worked with,” he […]

22 Sep

Bumper crop for New Zealand olive oil producers

A 20% increase in olive oil production is likely to present a marketing challenge for the country’s olive growers. Grower organisation Olives New Zealand says groves in Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa, Kapiti, Nelson and Marlborough performed better than those in Canterbury and the Far North, mainly because of variable weather conditions. Executive officer Alastair Bridge says […]