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15 Dec

Koroneiki olive oil: Olive Venture is Cooking

A Doubtless Bay couple who knew nothing about growing olives five years ago are now producing olive oil that ranks among the country’s best. Colin and Lynette Wilson won a silver medal at the New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards last year for their Hihi Olive Estate 2005 Koroneiki olive oil. This year, the […]

14 Dec

Beyond the olive: Chefs often dip into the flavors of the world’s other oils

By Steve Barnes, [Source] Click Here Large supermarkets offer a bewildering array of cooking oils. In many stores, the oils section is as long as a Cadillac. At six shelves high, that equals 90-plus feet of various-sized containers, from dainty cut-glass cruets to gallon jugs and cans, all containing viscous fatty liquids that range in […]

14 Dec

NZ Olive Oil Up With the Best in the World

The Olives New Zealand Sensory Panel for Olive Oil Up With the Best in the World The International Olive Council (IOC) has just announced that the Olives New Zealand Sensory Panel has been accredited for 2006 / 2007. “The panel first gained accreditation in December 2005 and to maintain it is a major achievement given […]

13 Dec

From the South of Australia, a Bottle of Liquid Gold

Yellingbo, a nature reserve in southern Australia, is adjacent to olive groves that Howard Meltzer planted more than 10 years ago. Mr. Meltzer and his son, Jeremy, are now selling Yellingbo Gold oils from the 2006 harvest that will hold their own when drizzled on fish or vegetables. The unfiltered black label Limited Release version […]

13 Dec

Offering a taste of Chilean gold

Judith Snively, importer, promoter and distributor of the Kardámili line of olive oils, holds a tasting demonstration in the specialty foods section of Spec’s in Midtown. About $340,000 of Chilean olive oil was imported to the U.S. this year through September. By Jelania Moreno, At the Spec’s store in Midtown, Houstonian Stefanos Giannaris tasted bread […]