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19 Dec

De l’eau climatisée à l’aide de noyaux d’olives

La piscine municipale de Cazorla est la première d’Espagne à être chauffée à l’aide de noyaux d’olives. L’utilisation de la biomasse est perçue comme un énorme bénéfice vis-à-vis de l’environnement et également comme une forte économie énergétique. De plus, dans une région telle que l’Andalousie, où les cultures d’oliviers sont très importantes, la possibilité d’obtenir […]

18 Dec

Olive oil emulsion helps with problem heart arteries

An emulsion of olive oil, egg yolk and glycerine might be just the recipe to keep heart patients away from the operating room and cardiac bypass surgery. That’s the finding of a study to be published in the January issue of the journal Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions led by Michael Savage, M.D., director, Cardiac Catheterization […]

17 Dec

ALMA Trophy 1 International Olive Oil Competition “ARMONIA”

ALMA – The International School of Italian Cooking, directed by Gualtiero Marchesi, with the collaboration of ISOM – and CRA-ISOL- Istituto Sperimentale per l’Olivicoltura (Olive Research institute) Announces the 1º International Olive Oil Competition “ARMONIA” ALMA Trophy, for international producers of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, with the goal of promoting the awareness and knowledge of […]

17 Dec

Latest oil boom is from olives

California suppliers cash in on burgeoning demand. By Eric Leach, Rosemarie Fusano was born into the olive oil business in the 1940s San Fernando Valley, where signs along the highway once proclaimed Sylmar the biggest olive-growing area in the world. Over the next few decades, the industry in the Valley dried up when cheaper vegetable […]

17 Dec

Italy: UNAPROL, Magnetic resonance against fraud.

Nuclear magnetic resonance could very soon solve the problems linked to counterfeit and sophistication of extra-virgin olive oil, particularly protected olive oils using specific kinds of olives, an investigation by the Trace project, tracing food commodities in Europe, shows; the project is financed by the EU in order to find methods and systems to allow […]