17 Dec

Italy: UNAPROL, Magnetic resonance against fraud.

Nuclear magnetic resonance could very soon solve the problems linked to counterfeit and sophistication of extra-virgin olive oil, particularly protected olive oils using specific kinds of olives, an investigation by the Trace project, tracing food commodities in Europe, shows; the project is financed by the EU in order to find methods and systems to allow the traceability of food products and to give consumers security on the authenticity of European foods.

The project, currently underway for other kinds of foods, is coordinated at the European level by Prof Brereton from the Norwich Research Institute and in Italy by Dr Anna Laura Segre from CNR in Rome.

The olive oil project involved many universities and research institutes in Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Greece and Spain and, for Italy, UNAPROL, an Italian olive growing consortium, for the supply of various protected origin extra-virgin olive oils for samples.

The final investigation on the application of magnetic resonance for the identification of the origin of extra-virgin olive oils must, however, still be perfective.

“The system,” UNAPROL director Ranieri Filo della Torre said, “must still be improved so as to identify and establish an internationally accepted analytic method.

Every effort in this direction is to be supported, because it will contribute to identifying and revealing counterfeits, which will help to generally improve the control systems at the international level.”

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