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13 Dec

New Year’s Resolution No. 1: Prevent Cancer, Use Olive Oil

If you want to avoid developing cancer, then you might want to add eating more olive oil to your list of New Year’s resolutions. In a study to be published in the January 2007 issue of The FASEB Journal, scientists from five European countries describe how the anti-cancer effects of olive oil may account for […]

12 Dec

Is there an olive in your oil?

Increasingly, people in the United States are finding out that cooking is a creative process, a string of conscious choices, instead of an exact science. Typically, we must hand pick our ingredients, testing them for freshness and flavor. We must choose which knives to cut them with and which pans to cook them in. We […]

12 Dec

The olive has its day in the sun

By Leslie Gornstein, Special to The Times In California wine country, olive oil may be the new Chardonnay. Producers are offering tours and tastings. Squished together like grapes in a harvesting crate, the weekend wine-tasters are crawling along clogged California 29 through the Napa Valley. The olive trees lining the road whisper of the Other […]

12 Dec

Upscale olive oil is a great gift for your favorite foodie

By Cynthia Nims, It can be a little mind-boggling to cast your eyes over a grocery store shelf that is well stocked with olive oils and try to navigate the options. With an increasing array of olive oils available from domestic and international sources, we have a greater than ever selection to choose from, particularly […]

12 Dec

Did you know this about olive oil?

Spain is the leading producer of olives and the world’s leading producer of olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the strongest olive flavor of the four varieties of olive oil. Best used for drizzling, salad dressings, marinades, sauces, stews, soups. Virgin olive oil shares extra virgin olive oil’s strong flavor, but is slightly more […]