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12 Dec

Olive, the food of the gods

By Rasheeda Bhagat, Any visitor to Athens, Greece, soon finds out that the olive tree and everything to do with it, be it the leaves, branches, olives or olive oil, is almost a kind of cult here. Considered the food of Greek Olympic gods, in Mediterranean culture the olive oil has been considered sacred for […]

12 Dec

Is simply eating whole olives as nutritious as consuming olive oil?

By Barbara Durbin, The answer depends on what you mean by nutritious. Olives and olive oil both contain “good” (monounsaturated) fat, but fat is high in calories, so the more nutritious fat you consume, the more calories you consume also. A half-ounce of olives is considered to be a serving, at least by the federal […]

12 Dec

Olive-pressing residue contaminates rivers, ponds

by Mohammed Zaatari, SOUTH LEBANON: Now that the harvesting season for olives has begun in earnest, owners of olive mills in South Lebanon have taken to throwing residue from the pressing process into riverbeds and ponds, without regard for the severe damage they are inflicting on the environment. This residue – the juice and excess […]

26 Nov

Caltech pair press on with olive oil plan

By Elise Kleeman, Caltech undergraduate Dvin Adalian was feeling restless. With his friend Ricky Jones, he considered all manner of interesting distractions. In the end, inspiration lay just outside the door. Caltech is dotted with olive trees – trees, they noticed, with fruit just beginning to ripen. So the pair decided to make their own […]

25 Nov

Grupe and others try to revive production of oil in California

Fritz Grupe hopes to prove the rebirth of olive-oil production in California with his new olive orchard at his Lodi home and property Text by Reed Fujii, Picture : Michael McCollum/The Record, Fritz Grupe, perhaps best known as the Stockton builder of Brookside and other major projects, never planned to get into land development. He […]