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03 Nov

Israel: Olives From orchard to oil

By Ofer Zemach & Ben Jacobson, A symbol of excellence, strength and purity, olive oil has long been a part of the Israeli diet. The Bible contains many references to the culinary and religious uses of the olive and its oil. In the Book of Genesis, the dove sent from the ark by Noah returned […]

02 Nov

The three grades of olive oil

By Erica Marcus, There are so many olive oils out there. What kind should I buy? In the United States, you will generally see three types of olive oil at the market: extra-virgin, virgin and pure, which is also sometimes labeled, simply, “olive oil.” To understand the differences among them, you need to understand a […]

01 Nov

Will olive oil raise cholesterol?

By Mary F. Longo, Recently at the office we had an inquiry about a diet that says to eat one tablespoon of light olive oil twice a day, before meals. The individual was worried it would raise his cholesterol and asked for advice. First, the good news: Like any type of dietary fat, olive oil […]

30 Oct

Extra special oil secures award

By Riccarda Burley, BORDER olive oil producer Gooramadda Olives has won one of the most coveted industry awards of the year, the Carol L’Heureux Award for Best Oil, at the 10th National Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards. Proprietors Kathy and Jos Weemaes, who have been producing oil since 2001, also took out the first […]

27 Oct

The olive oil industry: Oil for food, Maltese style

by Bernard Busutill, The olive oil sector is slowly increasing its popularity with Maltese farmers. According to the Parliamentary Secretariat for Agriculture and Fisheries, currently there are four officially recognised oil-producing firms, one of which is in Gozo. In 2004, Malta produced 10 tonnes of olive oil, while the production for 2005 was 22 tonnes, […]