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09 Nov

Olive oil enhances any dish

Wild mushrooms with garlic and parsley, made with extra-virgin olive oil, are sure to be a hit at the holiday table. NEW YORK — Holiday’s are a time for welcoming guests to the table. This year, make a place for olive oil at your gathering — be it a casual buffet, multi-course dinner or simple […]

08 Nov

Is olive oil really a source of antioxidants?

Olive oil contains antioxidants called phenols. The amount of phenols varies depending on how the oil is produced. Virgin and extra virgin oils are higher in these phenols than more refined light olive oils. According to a new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, all olive oil raises HDL (“good”) cholesterol slightly, but the […]

05 Nov

California: Olives on a roll in north state

The north state is home to a number of olive oil growers and producers. A variety of olives flourish here because of the area’s Mediterranean-like climate. Not all businesses bottle under their own name, and they may sell their harvest to other producers or may only sell by wholesale. Visitors, especially on the weekends, may […]

05 Nov

A tasting of Spanish extra-virgin oils

By Marlene Parrish, An extra-virgin olive oil tasting is conducted much like a wine tasting. In a professional setting, small measures of olive oil are poured into clear cup-shaped glasses and placed in front of a panelist. Each glass is held up to the light and judged on color, which can be colorless or as […]

05 Nov

Do you really know your olive oils?

Texts: Marlene Parrish Photo: Tony Tye, Spain, not Italy, is the world’s largest producer of olive oil. Members of a Post-Gazette tasting panel sampled seven extra-virgin Spanish olive oils. Extra-virgin olive oils can be confusing. A recipe for pesto calls for a fruity and fragrant olive oil. A recipe for tapanade calls for a green […]