19 Apr

Olive growers to speak as one voice

Olive growers are restructuring their national and state bodies, so they have a single voice to lobby government. Until now, the Australian Olive Association has not been legally able to represent state councils. Growers say it will make olive growing a mainstream agribusiness industry after being considered a niche sector. Eberhard Kunze from the Victorian […]

17 Apr

Producers confident of developing olive oil from sludge pit

Olive trees are being used to clean-up former mining land contaminated with heavy metals at Broken Hill, in far western New South Wales. The trees are about to produce their first vintage of olive oil and those involved in the project are confident the oil will be free of contaminants. Doctor Steve Flecknoe-Brown from the […]

27 Mar

Tax office postpones changes to crop investment rules

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has delayed by one year its plan to dump tax breaks for non-forestry managed investment schemes. The Federal Government last month announced the ATO was changing its interpretation of laws that allowed people investing in crops such as olives, wine and avocadoes to claim upfront tax breaks. The new interpretation […]

20 Mar

Central Aust farm trials olive oil production

A farmer south of Alice Springs says he has the good oil on the next horticultural crop for the Territory. Oak Valley has pressed the Territory’s first batch of olive oil after trialing a 400 kilogram crop. Farm manager Robert Le Rossignol says while he is starting small, he hopes it will become their main […]

08 Mar

Australia: The good oil on our olive groves

By Paul Edwards, AUSTRALIA’S fast-growing olive industry is coming to grips with the reality that it’s one thing to grow fruit but quite another to make money from it. Competing for the consumer dollar against cheap European imports is tough – and together with buyer reluctance to buy more expensive brands, there is supermarket resistance […]