19 Apr

Olive growers to speak as one voice

Olive growers are restructuring their national and state bodies, so they have a single voice to lobby government.

Until now, the Australian Olive Association has not been legally able to represent state councils.

Growers say it will make olive growing a mainstream agribusiness industry after being considered a niche sector.

Eberhard Kunze from the Victorian Olive Council says the move to formalise the industry structure shows olive growing is no longer just a niche industry.

“It’s part of the maturing process I guess, I mean the industry’s really been going in a major commercial way for about 10 years now,” he said.

“There’s Australian olive oil now coming into the supermarkets and widely distributed and there’s a fair amount of exporting going on that’s becoming quite significant.

“It’s really a good time to formalise the industry as a mainstream agribusiness industry in Australia.”

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