30 Oct

Investors sought for olive mine site project

An initiative which works to regenerate contaminated mining land by planting olive groves could spread to disused mine sites around the world. Broken Hill’s Gourmet Products cooperative, in far western New South Wales, is currently calling for investors and has lodged a patent on the regenerating properties of the olive groves which until now has […]

24 Oct

olive fruit fly: New hope for home gardeners

By Holly Hayes For generations, many gardeners in California were accustomed to growing olives for oil or table fruit. Then came the invasion of the olive fruit fly, which was first discovered in the Los Angeles area in 1998 and quickly spread throughout the state’s olive-growing regions. Commercial growers fairly quickly had tools to control […]

25 Sep

Turning olive pits into energy

After you’ve enjoyed a tangy olive, don’t throw away the pit – it could soon be providing a clean, green answer to heat and electricity production, thanks to technology developed by Israeli start-up Genova, now setting up its first pilot plant. The company, which was founded in September 2004, is headquartered in the northern town […]

19 Sep

Lebanese artificial coal made of olive residues

In Hasbaya, an Olive Press owner, Rashid Zoueihed developed a new way to use the Olive skin and kernels after pressing the oil out. Pressing these rests into a small machine to make Cylinders 25 cm long and 15 cm radius, weighing each 1200 g, passing into this machine makes these natural olive elements glued […]

28 Aug

Strategy formulated for regulating olive products sector

Regional experts, public officials and owners of olive oil presses convened this week to draw up a strategy for regulating the olive products sector and addressing environmental problems resulting from olive by-products. During the third meeting of the regional committee of the integrated waste management of the Olive Oil Pressing Industries Programme, participants discussed means […]