20 Aug

Turkish Olives and olive oil producers ask for urgent solutions

By GÖZDE ASLANTAŞ, A dramatic fall in this year’s olive oil production has forced producers to ask for government support. “The loss in olive orchards is growing every day,” said Ersezgin Companies Group food department chief, Naci Özgen, illustrating the dim situation of olive oil and olive producers. In addition to the ravaging effects of […]

29 Jul

Italy: Clean Energy derived from olives and grapevines in Chianti

Tuscany’s 12 hills to become centre of biomass production – Chianti could become a production centre for renewable biomass energy thanks to an abundance of vegetable by-products from the cultivation of olives and grapes, in addition to livestock and wood farming. The University of Florence already has an experimental project in place to study eventual […]

09 Jul

Compound From Olive-pomace Oil Inhibits HIV Spread

Researchers from the University of Granada and Hospital Carlos III in Madrid, verified that maslinic acid – found in wax from olive skin – inhibits serin-protease, the enzyme used by HIV to release itself from the infected cell into the extracellular environment. Olive oil has become part of the fight against the Human Immunodeficiency Virus […]

01 Jul

Olives – Helping to Combat Pollution…

We all know that olives and the oil they produce is healthy. But did you know that the humble olive is now helping to combat pollution in industrial sewage water? It’s true, and Water – Air Quality / Agriculture News had this to say yesterday: A study carried out by Dr. German Tenorio Rivas, a […]

01 Jul

Pilot plant to treat olive vegetable water

The Environment Ministry will establish a pilot plant by the end of this year to treat the liquid residue of the olive-pressing process, as it pollutes the soil and water resources. The JD500,000 EU-funded plant, to be built either at the Ikeider holding area or the Jordan University of Science and Technology, will start operating […]