18 Sep

California farmers go after olive oil mislabeled extra virgin

By Sudhin Thanawala, MARTINEZ, Calif.—Later this fall, Tom Powers will harvest his olives and press them into his Alhambra Valley brand authentic extra virgin olive oil with a distinctive peppery finish. “This is really high quality stuff,” says Powers, whose two varieties of Tuscan olives grow amid the dry, rolling hills of Contra Costa County, […]

14 Sep

Sicilians olive oil maker losing faith in United States

By A. Craig Copetas, Beneath the precious fruit of an olive tree planted in 1776 outside the mountain hamlet of Sambuca di Sicilia, Giovanni Di Bennardo mops summer dust from his brow and explains how he’ll make it to America. “I will only go when I’m a rich man,” said the 29-year-old manager of Di […]

28 Aug

Comvita to issue shares for olive buy

Comvita plans to issue a $8-$12 million share placement to cover the $23 million purchase of Olive Products Australia Pty, a grower and manufacturer of complementary medical products. Olive Products, based near Brisbane, has developed a system to extract active compounds from olive tree leaves for use in therapeutic products. The business includes a 500,000 […]

23 Aug

What to look for in olive oil

Olive oil is different from other cooking oils in many ways. The most important differences to consumers and cooks are its heart-healthy properties and its taste. Unlike vegetable oils, it has one. It can be evaluated like wine, especially extra-virgin olive oil that comes from the first pressing of olives grown in one grove or […]

21 Aug

Madera, CA: Olive price is up, but production mediocre

By Ramona Frances, Unlike other commodities in Madera County, the fruit from olive-bearing orchards will not lead to a “bumper” crop this year. The price may be good, but this year’s yields aren’t as impressive. “Some of the trees are looking good (this year), others don’t have anything on them at all,” said grower Jim […]