21 Oct

Left activists shield olive harvest

By Eyal Ben, photo: Dalit Shaham Ynet joins group of leftist activists who took a few days off from work to act as human shields for Palestinians during olive gathering, as well as help out with the harvest As the olive harvest in the West Bank is at its peak, so is the fear of […]

17 Oct

Peace being sown among olive trees

Jewish volunteers help Palestinians harvest crops Texts & Pictures by John Murphy, The day is hot and dusty on this West Bank hillside, but 53-year-old Fuad Amer moves with the energy of a man half his age, stripping the fruit from his olive trees in giant handfuls, plucking others from the high branches with a […]

15 Oct

British magazine buys olive trees ‘in Palestine’ for new subscribers

By Jonny Paul, The New Statesman, a respected weekly current affairs magazine, is offering readers the chance to sponsor “the planting of three new olive trees in Palestine,” as incentive to take out a subscription to the magazine. Those who participate in the offer will receive a certificate to mark support for the campaign, and […]

28 Sep

Army prepares to safeguard Palestinian olive farmers

By Yaakov Katz and Tovah Lazaroff, To ensure a calm olive harvest this fall in the territories, compared to the last four tumultuous ones, the IDF and the Civil Administration have been working in the last month to ease tensions among settlers, Palestinian farmers and left-wing activists. “Our goal is to allow the Palestinians to […]

26 Sep

Arab Farmers to Receive Security for Olive Harvest

Palestinian Authority Arab farmers will be protected by Israeli security during the olive harvest which is expected to begin within the next month, according to Army Radio. Defense Minister Amir Peretz announced Tuesday that anyone attempting to interfere with or harm the farmers as they pick their olives would be dealt with severely. [Source] Click […]