28 Nov

It’s olive time again in Sonoma Valley

By Robbi Pengelly, With the grape harvest wrapped up, the focus has turned to Sonoma Valley’s other crop  – olives. Here workers at B.R. Cohn Winery flail at olive trees with long poles like acolytes in some ancient Druid ritual. Next month will mark the launch of the Valley’s annual Olive Festival, complete with the […]

26 Nov

India: Finolex ventures into olive oil

Finolex Group has stepped into the business of olive oil and chosen a 210-hectare stretch of barren land in Rajasthan for plantation purpose. Finolex is more known for its electrical and Telecommunications Cables, Optical Fibre Cables, Rigid PVC Pipes, Suspension and Paste Grade PVC Resins, Continuous Cast Copper Rods, PVC Sheets, Electrical Switches and CFL’s. […]

25 Nov

Olive thieves make off with 4,000-pound harvest

A Corning couple is out around $1,200 after thieves stole 4,000 pounds of freshly harvested olives Sunday night. By Ryan Sabalow, Katherine Woodson, who owns a 20-acre plantation with her husband Marshall, said that an olive harvesting contractor had worked all day Saturday and Sunday getting the harvest ready to take the fruit to wholesalers […]

23 Nov

Olive Oil – the Golden Harvest

By Zainab Al-Arabi, While the seasonal olive tree harvesting isn’t over yet in the Gebel region, (depending on the gatherers timetable), the rush for olive oil this year is incredible. Everybody wants it. Even those who don’t like the taste of olive oil in cooking are ready to accept it this year. With the price […]

22 Nov

Rs 14 million olive plantation project launched in Khyber

An olive plantation project costing Rs 14.585 million is starting at Akakhel Maira in Bara Tehsil, Khyber Agency, under the Sustainable Plans Development Programme (SPDP). The project envisages establishment of community farms on 2000 acres of land under an agreement with local tribesmen. The project, when completed, would be handed over to the owners of […]