26 Nov

India: Finolex ventures into olive oil

Finolex Group has stepped into the business of olive oil and chosen a 210-hectare stretch of barren land in Rajasthan for plantation purpose.

Finolex is more known for its electrical and Telecommunications Cables, Optical Fibre Cables, Rigid PVC Pipes, Suspension and Paste Grade PVC Resins, Continuous Cast Copper Rods, PVC Sheets, Electrical Switches and CFL’s.

Finolex Group Chairman Pralhad P. Chhabria said: “Olive was planted in Rajasthan and the distribution of olive oil across the country will begin in a short time from now”.

He said the project is likely to be extended over 2000 hectare land in Rajasthan, and will set an example of how barren land can be used for profitable activities.

Chhabria was speaking to the media on his return from Israel where he was felicitated by the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmut with the “Award of Honour.”

He underlined the use of modern technology to extract more produce from agriculture and conserve water resources.

Finolex was among the first to develop drip irrigation technology in India and the micro-irrigation systems made jointly by Finolex and Plasson of Israel have benefited India’s farm sector.

Chhabria said using PVC pipes for carrying water and sewerage will be extremely advantageous to the country.

A proposal in this respect has been sent to the Central Government but there has been no response from the government so far, he added.

If accepted, the proposal will mean significant saving of water as also safe water for the country’s people, Chhabria said.

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