31 Jul

[Italy] OLIVE OIL: No Direct Sale At Press Without Inspection

There will be no more selling of extra virgin olive oil in cans directly from the press. The rules to follow for small olive growers are back to being the same as those for large industries, meaning the need for labelling to explain the type of product and its provenience in addition to the different corks which seal the product at the moment of bottling, and also the analysis of the product.

This was the decision of the Cabinet with the decree 3152 of 2006, which rules against the appeal made by small producers to the regional administrative court of Liguria in 2004. Two years ago, the Ne municipality (in the province of Genoa, in the hinterland of the Liguria seashore) and seventy small producers of olive oil from the Riviera appealed to the regional court and asked for an exemption from the European Union’s directives assimilated by the agricultural ministry. The administrative court of Liguria ruled in their favour, and so for over two years they were able to sell olive oil directly from the press without any analysis done by the local health authority in unlabelled bottles and without certification of where the olives were from. The Cabinet sentence, however, was contrary to what was decided in the January of two years ago by the Liguria regional administrative, in favour of allowing the consumer to have information on where the product is from and also on the quality of the product bought at the press.

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