28 Oct

Sarah Palin and the olive fruit fly research

last week, Sarah Palin gave her first policy speech, urging the federal government to fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Along the way, she too attacked science earmarks by claiming that the shortfall needed to fully fund the act was less money than was allocated to projects that have “little or nothing to […]

15 Oct

Extra-Virgin Maggoty Oil in California

By Alastair Bland, At Bernardo Winery, one of the oldest olive oil producers in California, oil flow has come to a standstill. While the Rancho Bernardo company has historically produced 300 to 400 gallons of olive oil per year from its 1200 trees, the olive fruit fly, an invasive pest that’s native to Mediterranean Europe […]

30 Sep

Olive pest in Southern California

By Dan Bryant, Olive psyllid, a serious pest of olives in Mediterranean locales, has been identified on landscape olive trees in Southern California and may pose a threat to the state’s olive industry, according to a University of California, Riverside research entomologist. “Psyllids are some of the most fecund insects I have worked with,” he […]

26 Aug

Olive oil spill into Baltimore harbor probed

Workers with the state Department of the Environment and the city Fire Department plan today to flush a 2-mile stretch of sewer leading to the harbor after it was contaminated over the weekend by a 6,000-gallon olive oil spill at an East Baltimore business, authorities said. By Gus G. Sentementes, photo by Karl Merton Ferron, […]

25 Aug

Olive oil consumption leading to ‘serious environmental problem’

Growing demand for olive oil is leading to concerns over drought in parts of Europe, a report warns. By Chris Irvine, Parts of Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal are turning into deserts and suffering water shortages because of the intense olive farming that has developed in the area, according to The Ecologist magazine. The magazine […]