29 Feb

EU Seeks Answers From Italy Over Olive Oil Labels

The European Commission has given Italy two months to explain why it obliges olive oil producers to mark the origin of the olives on product labels in contravention of E.U. laws, a spokesman said Friday. “As far as we are concerned, that is not in conformity with European legislation, where voluntary labeling is possible but […]

01 Feb

Turkish olive growers emulate Spain

Turkish olive and olive oil exporters examine factories in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Seville and Cordoba that meet 51 percent of total global demand for olive oil, and hold meetings with representatives of the Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Association, the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives and prominent olive and olive oil producers in the […]

04 Jan

Olive-press owners allege lack of government support

By Maher Zeineddine, As olive presses in the mountainous Chouf region witness excessive activity with the fruit’s harvest season coming to an end and weather conditions getting worse, press owners are criticizing the government’s failure to set up marketing plans for their products. Every year from early November until late January, farmers throughout Lebanon engage […]

11 Dec

Spain:SOS Cuetara sees record 1.6 bln tonnes olive oil production in 2007-2008

SOS Cuetara SA said it is targeting a record 1.6 bln tonnes in olive oil production in 2007-2008, reiterating comments made by chairman Jesus Salazar in a recent interview with Thomson Financial News. In a presentation, SOS Cuetara said it expects olive oil prices to remain stable and competitive in the 2007-2008 season, thanks to […]

10 Dec

Olive oil in India to get cheaper on higher competition

Olive oil, which was being sold at over Rs 1,000 a litre a few months back, will soon be available at below Rs 500 level thanks to increased competition among Spanish and Italian firms, which are vying for a larger share of the Indian market. “We will launch a promotional offer pricing olive oil at […]