02 Aug

India: Olive oil consumption likely to rise 9 times by 2012

Olive oil consumption in the country is estimated to rise over 9 times in the next four years, fed by an increasingly affluent mobile consumer class’ obsession with nutritious food. “Olive oil consumption is pegged at 42,218 tons by 2012, growing at a rate of 75 per cent a year. The target for this year […]

28 Jul

Brazil Discovers Olive Oil

by Joel Santos Guimarães Last year, Brazilian imports of the product totaled US$ 170 million. Of this total, 54% came from Portugal. And the forecast is for growth to continue as, this year, expansion of 20% is expected in comparison with 2007. Two reasons are given for the market growth: the first is that Brazilians […]

03 Jul

Tunisia olive oil exports up 15 pct in Q1

Tunisia, the world’s fourth-largest olive oil producer, increased sales abroad by 15 percent to 89,300 tonnes over the first three months of the year, government data showed on Tuesday. Olive oil represents half the country’s farm exports which account for more than 10 percent of total exports. Tunisia sells 90 percent of its olive output […]

23 Jun

Palestinian olive oil could soon be the 1st oil to receive Fairtrade status.

Last month, representatives of the Fairtrade Foundation and international Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO) held a workshop in Ramallah on the process of certification, Fairtrade price setting and producer support for Palestinian olive farmers. Central to the workshop was Zaytoun, a UK-based co-operative community interest company (CIC). All of its suppliers attended and local co-ordination for […]

23 Jun

Olive oil prices in India to remain stable; not to rise

The Indian Olive Association (IOA) said Monday the product’s prices would remain stable and, contrary to expectations, would not fall as a result of the government’s reduction of import duties to 7.5 percent from April 1. In April, the IOA had stated that olive oil prices were expected to fall by 10-15 percent on fresh […]