28 Jul

Brazil Discovers Olive Oil

by Joel Santos Guimarães

Last year, Brazilian imports of the product totaled US$ 170 million. Of this total, 54% came from Portugal. And the forecast is for growth to continue as, this year, expansion of 20% is expected in comparison with 2007.

Two reasons are given for the market growth: the first is that Brazilians are seeking more and more sustainable products to consume. And it is known that olive oil helps prevent cardiovascular diseases as it reduces cholesterol levels.

The second, in the evaluation of the president of the Brazilian Association of Producers, Importers and Traders of Olive Oil (Oliva), Armando Reis Filho, is the price of olive oil:

“Different from soy and other kinds of oil, whose prices have risen due to global hikes, the tendency for consumers of olive oil has been the opposite. Product prices have either dropped or remained stable.”

These factors could be good for Arab producers of olive oil, who could become alternative suppliers of the product to companies in the country, increasing their participation in the Brazilian market, which is currently minute.

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