11 Dec

Spain:SOS Cuetara sees record 1.6 bln tonnes olive oil production in 2007-2008

SOS Cuetara SA said it is targeting a record 1.6 bln tonnes in olive oil production in 2007-2008, reiterating comments made by chairman Jesus Salazar in a recent interview with Thomson Financial News.

In a presentation, SOS Cuetara said it expects olive oil prices to remain stable and competitive in the 2007-2008 season, thanks to an expected recovery in internal demand and a positive trend in exports.

Nevertheless, it said heavy demand will not be enough to meet the record amount of production, with olive oil reserves for the end of the 2007-2008 season seen at 345,000 tonnes.

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6 Responses to “Spain:SOS Cuetara sees record 1.6 bln tonnes olive oil production in 2007-2008”

  1. Henry Mackay Says:

    Oh dear. Not again. What SOS won’t come up with when they don’t like the mill prices.

  2. William Stenner Says:

    Hello Henry.
    Although we only have a few trees here in Velez Blanco Andalucia, we have managed 1000 kilos in a good year. This year we only managed 180 kilos because of health problems. But apart from that, we were shocked at the amount of oil we recieved for the 180 kilos ie 27 litros.
    I have spoken to our Spanish friends about this but they just do the Spanish shrug.
    Are the Spanish, International olive oil marketeers
    exploiting the growers or, is there too much production. Don’t think so in these days of healthy living.
    We are not commertial growers but we do it for our friends and family. but we are very interested in the world of the olive.

    Regards Bill and Susan Stenner.
    Velez Blanco Andalucia.

  3. William Stenner Says:

    I am Beside myself. I had no Idea there was Another William Stenner in the world besides my Father “William Adam Stenner” Me “William Adam Stenner Jr.” and my son “William Adam Stenner III”

    Unfortunately I’m in the music business not the olive oil business. I could make a commercial for you though

    William Stenner

  4. Olives101 Says:

    Maybe it’s time for a family reunion ? 😉

  5. William Stenner Says:

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  6. Olives101 Says:

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