10 Dec

Iran: The autarky coefficient of the oily seeds has had an increase by 20%

Reported By: Mojgan Sattar,
Translated By: Aref Mohammadzadeh,

The autarky coefficient of oily seeds has to increase by the end of the fourth development program (2009) with an emphasis on Olive.

“The increase rate of oily seeds was not acceptable that has to be revived,” said in a special conversation with IANA’s reporter.

“According to the announcement of the Ministry of Health the most important reason for deaths is infarct which is followed by oil consumption mostly,” he said, stating that we have to careful about our consumption pattern.

“The Ministry of Agricultural Jihad has decided to allot 50 thousand hectares of farmlands to the Olive cultivation while this number has to reach 600 to 700 thousand hectares,” he said, pointing out that increasing the under cultivation area of Olive is of the most important programs of the autarky project.

In the current year towards the autarky programs for Wheat over 500 thousand tons of commodities will be exported.\

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