20 Sep

Jordan drought may claim thousands of olive trees

Farmers say at least 30,000 olive trees on brink of turning to dead wood after springs in Joradan’s Karak dried up. Persistent drought in the south could lead to the decimation of thousands of olive trees in the city of Karak, 120km south of Amman, according to environmentalists, who blame climate change. “We witness in […]

17 Dec

USAID-Workshop for 40 Yemenis held to improve olive production, harvest

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) organized during the period from 15th to 17th for 40 trainees from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and different governorates on means of improving olive production and harvest. The workshop also aimed at enlighten participants on the theoretical and practical aspects of olive production and maintenance of […]

29 Nov

USAID-funded training helps growers improve quality of olive harvest

Palestinian Growers Boost Production of Premium Olive Oil By Grace Bradley, Jerusalem — “Don’t think of it as oil. What you’re tasting is freshly squeezed olive juice,” says Ali Anabtawi, a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) partner and manager of Near East Industries and Trade, a company that blends and bottles virgin olive oil […]

07 Nov

Forest Fires Destroy Woodlands, Olive Groves In Lebanon

Fires have destroyed dozens of hectares of woodlands across Lebanon, just weeks after earlier forest fires devastated mountainous parts of the country, an army spokesman said Wednesday. “A total of 1,542 dunums (154 hectares) were destroyed on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, in addition to the 807 dunums (81 hectares) burnt on Monday,” the spokesman told […]

18 Oct

Simchon promises to put end to Palestinian olive tree destruction

Agriculture Minister Shalom Simchon announced on Thursday that he planned to fight the destruction of olive trees belonging to Palestinians by Jewish settlers. Simchon made his comments after meeting with the Palestinian Authority’s Olive Council head, Army Radio reported. The minister promised him that he would formulate a plan of action in the matter in […]