18 Jul

Olive oil producers seek Chinese, Indian buyers

A global body representing olive producers based in Madrid said yesterday it planned to launch marketing campaigns in China and India to promote the consumption of olive oil in the two emerging markets. The International Olive Council will launch the promotional campaign in India in September and in China next year, its president Habib Essid […]

11 Jul

There’s a lot of good with olives

By Judith W. Winne, Olives have a rich history. They go way back. Olive trees are among the oldest cultivated trees in the world, grown before written language was invented, according to the Web site oliveoilsource. The site notes that olive oil anointed early kings of the Greeks and the Jews, as well as triumphant […]

09 Jul

Texas olive oil tapped to bear more fruit

As the demand for healthier food alternative grows, a top Spanish grower is bringing ‘green gold’ rush to the state By Jenalia Moreno, VILLA DEL RIO, SPAIN — Texas is the new frontier for olive oil, the world’s “green gold.” The state already has a small olive oil industry, but now that Spanish food giant […]