04 Sep

Turkish Olive growers call for increased olive oil consumption

While the rest of the Mediterannean consumes most of the olive oil it produces, olive oil consumption in Turkey is the lowest in the region. Turks consume one kilogram of the oil a year while their neighbors comsume an average of 15. Producers in Ayvalık say it’s time the government inspires Turks to buy and […]

30 Aug

Harvest season comes alive with flavors from Olive Oil from Spain

Fall marks the annual olive harvest in Spain, the world’s leading producer of olive oil. Though a secret to many, Olive Oil from Spain has long been the favorite choice of leading chefs and culinary experts around the world. Karen MacNeil, one of the nation’s most sophisticated palates and noted food and wine pairing expert, […]

23 Aug

What to look for in olive oil

Olive oil is different from other cooking oils in many ways. The most important differences to consumers and cooks are its heart-healthy properties and its taste. Unlike vegetable oils, it has one. It can be evaluated like wine, especially extra-virgin olive oil that comes from the first pressing of olives grown in one grove or […]

20 Aug

Olive oil offerings

By Peta Mathias, The olive oils you see in the supermarket vary in quality. Some are exceptional value for money but you really just have to buy and taste them to find (a) the best and (b) the one you like. You cannot tell what an oil is like by its colour – it gives […]

11 Aug

Mediterranean Diet: Why You Should Make Extra Virgin Olive Oil Part of Your Diet

By Emilia Klapp, The abundant use of olives and extra virgin olive oil truly defines the traditional Mediterranean Diet. In fact it is the principal fat source and the culinary foundation for Mediterranean cuisine. Why? For centuries, olive oil has been a major player in the low incidence of heart disease among Mediterranean populations. Extensive […]