20 Feb

Good Samaritan Drug Rehabilitation Centre helps Spanish addicts with Olives

A Spanish rehabilitation centre is using olive harvesting as part of its therapy to help substance addicts. Francis Arjona, founder of the Good Samaritan Drug Rehabilitation Centre near Pozoblanco in Southern Spain, has had a number of run-ins with drug dealers since he began working with addicts. “I have had a couple of knives at […]

01 Feb

Turkish olive growers emulate Spain

Turkish olive and olive oil exporters examine factories in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Seville and Cordoba that meet 51 percent of total global demand for olive oil, and hold meetings with representatives of the Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Association, the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives and prominent olive and olive oil producers in the […]

17 Jan

Italica PLUS EVOO is the first Spanish EVOO enriched with vitamins.

From spring water to cereal, grocery manufacturers are adding vitamin-enriched items to their product lines. Today, Italica Imports is introducing the country to an extra virgin olive oil from Spain that is enriched with fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, making it a rich source of antioxidants. Use of Italica PLUS in your favorite recipes […]

04 Dec

Andalucian Girl Extra Virgin Oil olive groves video in Spain

Origins of Andalusian Girl, olive groves in Andalusia Spain and the wonderful people behind its ecologically sustainable operation (in Spanish).

21 Nov

Recognition for best olive oil

By Rasheeda Bhagat, The Mario Solinas awards for the best extra virgin olive oil, constituted by the International Olive Oil Council were given away at its headquarters in Madrid on November 15. Each year the competition, widely known as the “Oscars in the world of olive oil” are getting more entries – this year a […]