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28 Sep

Army prepares to safeguard Palestinian olive farmers

By Yaakov Katz and Tovah Lazaroff, To ensure a calm olive harvest this fall in the territories, compared to the last four tumultuous ones, the IDF and the Civil Administration have been working in the last month to ease tensions among settlers, Palestinian farmers and left-wing activists. “Our goal is to allow the Palestinians to […]

26 Sep

Arab Farmers to Receive Security for Olive Harvest

Palestinian Authority Arab farmers will be protected by Israeli security during the olive harvest which is expected to begin within the next month, according to Army Radio. Defense Minister Amir Peretz announced Tuesday that anyone attempting to interfere with or harm the farmers as they pick their olives would be dealt with severely. [Source] Click […]

24 Sep

$ 4 Million Direct Agricultural Losses in Khan Younis City

Khan Younis Governor,Dr. Usama al-Farra, announced Sunday that the total direct agricultural losses estimated about US $ 4 Million in the wake of the recent Israeli incursions in the southern Gaza Strip (GS) city of Khan Younis during July 2006. In a statement, issued by the Governorate Information office, Al-Farra pointed out that 5500 trees […]

31 Aug

[Pakistan] Plea for large-scale olive cultivation: Potential seen for $3.5bn export

A study conducted by the NWFP agriculture research centre says that the province can earn $3.5 billion annually from export of olive oil by bringing under olive cultivation the high rainfall areas of the province. “Two million acres of cultivable wastelands and uncultivated forest area can be brought under olive cultivation in the high rainfall […]

19 Aug

[Israël] Huile d’Olive – La demande sur les marchés israéliens et mondiaux augmente

Par Allison Kaplan Sommer, La demande en huile d’olive sur les marchés israélien et mondiaux augmente (car il a été prouvé que l’huile d’olive est bénéfique pour la santé et son goût est de plus en plus apprécié). Ce qui fut une tradition biblique et le centre de la vie dans beaucoup de villages arabes, […]