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19 Aug

[Iran] to sign intl. olive oil agreement

TEHRAN – The cabinet has approved the Agricultural Jihad Ministry’s proposal for Iran to sign the International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives. The ministry is now in charge of following up the case and completing the first step that is to sign the agreement temporarily. The agreement was first signed in 1986 and […]

13 Jul

[Syrie] L’industrie de l’olive “un aliment principal en Syrie”

L’olive représente un aliment principal en Syrie et sa culture constitue une source essentielle des revenues d’un grand nombre de paysans. L’olive est plantée principalement à Lattaquié où la superficie cultivée est de plus de 42239 mille hectares et le nombre d’oliviers se chiffre à 8.946 millions dont 7.464 millions sont fruitiers.

02 Jul

Syria Produces 844 thousand Tons of Olive annually

Olive production in Syria reached at 844 thousand tons in 2005 and the number of olive trees mounted to nearly 80 millions where 841 traditional and modern olive pressures exist in the country, Director General of the Environmental Affairs Committee Akram Khouri reported Thursday.

14 Jun

L’olive dans tous ses états

Par Maya GHANDOUR HERT, EN LIBRAIRIE – « De l’olive au hammam », de Youmna Jazzar Medlej, illustré et mis en page par Joumana Medlej C’est l’histoire d’un petit fruit qui se décline en deux couleurs, le vert ou le noir (en fait il paraît que les olives vertes et les olives noires ne correspondent […]

13 Jun

D-8 countries stress olive and saffron cultivation

By Javed Afridi Delegates from the D-8 countries have highlighted the importance of olive and saffron cultivation in potential areas, saying that necessary resources required for research and development activities should be provided to stakeholders. The delegates said this at a two-day seminar on ‘Olive and Saffron Cultivation in D-8 Countries’, organised by the Pakistan […]