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12 Dec

Olive-pressing residue contaminates rivers, ponds

by Mohammed Zaatari, SOUTH LEBANON: Now that the harvesting season for olives has begun in earnest, owners of olive mills in South Lebanon have taken to throwing residue from the pressing process into riverbeds and ponds, without regard for the severe damage they are inflicting on the environment. This residue – the juice and excess […]

25 Nov

Iran appointed to head international high council on olive

The 94th international meeting on olive oil, which opened here in Spanish capital three days ago, appointed Iran as the president of ‘Olive International High Council’. In a ceremony attended by representatives from 13 member states and those recently joining the council, Davoud Salehi, Iran’s ambassador to Spain took over from Egypt as the council’s […]

22 Nov

Peace olive oil

It’s extra virgin, great on salads and a lubricant for relationships in the Middle East. It’s Peace Oil– olive oil produced in Northern Israel by a collaboration of Arabs, Jews, Bedouins and Druze working together. This joint venture is sponsored by the Charities Advisory Trust which encourages co-operation between communities. Its vision is that through […]

19 Nov

Rajasthan, Israel join hands to plant olive trees

Aimed at popularising olive oil in food preparations JAIPUR: The Rajasthan State Agricultural Marketing Board on Saturday signed a tripartite agreement with two Israeli companies to promote cultivation of olive trees in the desert State. State Agriculture Minister Prabhulal Saini said olive would be cultivated on 210 hectares of Government land at 10 different locations […]

07 Nov

Cash-strapped Palestinians bank on rich olive crop

By Atef Sa’ad, Mazuza Raja tosses a tray of freshly picked olives into the air, a traditional way of sorting a harvest so good this year that Palestinians dare dream of better fortune. “The olive provides a main source of income for my family,” said the 55-year-old woman, who lives in a village near the […]