22 Nov

Peace olive oil

It’s extra virgin, great on salads and a lubricant for relationships in the Middle East. It’s Peace Oil– olive oil produced in Northern Israel by a collaboration of Arabs, Jews, Bedouins and Druze working together.

This joint venture is sponsored by the Charities Advisory Trust which encourages co-operation between communities.
Its vision is that through economic co-operation and daily contacts, barriers will be broken down, and understanding and respect built. The label for the bottle reflects this with the words “Peace Oil” in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

The oil is pressed from organically grown Suria olives found in the foothills of the Carmel Mountains in the Galilee.
They are grown organically, but because the neighbouring farms are not organic, they do not yet have certification. It is not produced in bulk and the olives are taken straight from the tree to the mill and pressed within hours of picking.
This gives it a very pure and characteristic taste–perfect for salads and garnish. Profits from sales are used to support peace and reconciliation work in the Middle East.


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  3. pablo montagna Says:

    skeptical but willing to learn. If I tell you I am the KING of Jamaica, its just my word against yours. If you tell me you have a joint venture Palestine-Israel where can I read a backup confirmation of this? my family is VERY interested in supporting your cause and purchase your food items but we are also concerned that this is not a “goof” thanks again

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