25 Nov

Iran appointed to head international high council on olive

The 94th international meeting on olive oil, which opened here in Spanish capital three days ago, appointed Iran as the president of ‘Olive International High Council’.

In a ceremony attended by representatives from 13 member states and those recently joining the council, Davoud Salehi, Iran’s ambassador to Spain took over from Egypt as the council’s president for a one-year term.

In this relation, Salehi said that the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes the position and called it a good opportunity to make necessary coordination to help the council become more active in line with its objectives.

Iranian ambassador expressed hope to benefit from experiences and technical cooperation of member states to upgrade the council and also expand cooperation among members during his term in office.

He referred to activities in expertise and technical fields, persuading members to further participate in developmental contributions, exchange of information and experiences, developing different projects in member countries, and strengthening multilateral ties among council members as the main agenda of Iran during its tenure as president of the Olive Oil International Council.

Referring to the annihilation of regions under olive cultivation in South Lebanon due to Zionist regimes’ chemical bombardment, he urged for more attention of council members to such actions.

The gathering also discussed the membership of countries such as Argentina, Turkey, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia while accepting Argentina as the new member in the council.

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