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04 Oct

Make sure you pick the right olive oil

By Chef Nino, There is probably nothing more breathtaking than seeing and participating in olive oil production from the tree to the bottle. Miles of terraced hillsides are meticulously cultivated with the finest olive trees in the world. Olive trees can reach heights of 50 feet and often live for 500-600 years. The oldest living […]

30 Sep

An olive primer

All olives are not created equal when it comes to martinis. A few guidelines: The olive doesn’t flavor the liquor so much as the liquor flavors the olive. If you want olive flavor in the drink, make it dirty by adding olive brine or use cracked olives. Use milder olives in gin martinis so they […]

23 Jun

Harmony of Turkish cuisine with olive oil

Max Thomae, a famous chef at the Mövenpick Hotel, says a good olive oil enriches the flavor of food. Before creating the concept of “blond flavors,” he conducted long and detailed research on oils and their proper pairing with food. He describes olive oil as a culture and uses it in every food and in […]

13 Jun

Olive Oil’s Many Properties

By Johann Fleck, Olive oil is the crowning glory for grilled seafood, a salad, over Feta cheese or other sheep’s milk cheese. It rounds out pasta dishes and vegetables, and is used to sauté and fry. There is hardly a Mediterranean dish that does not include olive oil in the recipe. As a result of […]

10 Jun

Chargrilled polenta with roasted capsicum & Olives

Recipe by Valli Little, Photography by Ian Wallace, Ingredients (serves 4)