14 Aug

Californian table olive growers get record prices as acreage shrinks

By Ching Lee, California olive growers are expecting excellent prices for this year’s crop, which is projected to be 112,000 tons, up considerably from last year’s 16,800 tons. After a disastrous crop in 2006, California table olive growers are poised to receive some of the highest prices ever for their fruit this year, but many […]

12 Aug

Super intensive Olive haverst

New super Intensive Olive Orchard cultivation System is promising higher yields and mechanical handling for almost everything. Have a look…

11 Aug

Mediterranean Diet: Why You Should Make Extra Virgin Olive Oil Part of Your Diet

By Emilia Klapp, The abundant use of olives and extra virgin olive oil truly defines the traditional Mediterranean Diet. In fact it is the principal fat source and the culinary foundation for Mediterranean cuisine. Why? For centuries, olive oil has been a major player in the low incidence of heart disease among Mediterranean populations. Extensive […]

08 Aug

Turquie : Avec Ayma, Taris vendra de l’huile d’olive aux USA

Ayma, une entreprise de plus de 40 ans, qui a été crée pour vendre et commercialiser les produits de Taris, vient de s’entendre avec une entreprise américaine, Amphora International Inc, sur la vente de 10 conteneurs d’huile d’olive d’une valeur de 500 mille dollars. Buhkan Alkan, directeur général de Taris Ayma A.S, a déclaré que […]

07 Aug

Italica Imports introduced a Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil enriched with Omega-3

Public health officials and the news media have been sending a resounding message that Americans need more Omega-3 in their diets. Italica Imports, in an effort to give consumers the healthiest products on the market, recently introduced a Spanish Extra Virgin olive oil enriched with Omega-3. This product aligns itself with increased consumer demand for […]