01 Aug

Australia: Olive oil, Greek food halve heart deaths

By Tamara McLean, Australians who regularly eat a Mediterranean-style diet rich in olive oil, vegetables and light cheese are halving their risk of dying from heart disease, research shows. The benefits of the diet are well documented in Greece and Italy but a newly released Melbourne study has confirmed the same benefits can be reaped […]

01 Aug

Californian Olive farmers to earn record prices

After a small harvest last year, demand for California-grown olives has risen, and farmers will earn a record price for their crops this year. The Olive Growers Council and olive canners have agreed on prices that will earn farmers an average of $1,000 a ton. Because of last year’s small crop, stocks of canned olives […]

01 Aug

Once a luxury, now the zesty olive is indispensable

By Judy Schultz, Photo by Chris Schwarz, When I was little, olives were reserved for special occasions. Only New Year’s Eve and visiting priests rated stuffed olives, the queen of all pickles. The advent of Kraft Theatre on television moved olives down a notch or two on the specialness scale. Suddenly, everybody’s mom was using […]

01 Aug

Joke of the day…!

“May olives be eaten with the fingers? No. Fingers should be eaten separately.” (anon) source

31 Jul

Beyond olive oil: Specialty oils, from grapeseed to walnut, enhance flavor

By Jolene Ketzenberger, Olive oil just isn’t exotic anymore. Though it trumped vegetable oil as the U.S. consumer’s cooking oil of choice nearly five years ago, today’s oil options have expanded far beyond corn, canola and even extra-virgin olive oil. For healthfulness and versatility, says Indianapolis gourmet shop owner Jack Stearns, grapeseed oil is hard […]