02 Oct

Olive oil the elixir of anti-aging?

By Liz Campbell & Sue Wakefield,

Jeanne Calment, a French woman, holds the record for the longest confirmed lifespan. She reportedly attributed her over 122 years and remarkably youthful appearance to olive oil, which she poured on her food and rubbed into her skin.

This could turn the anti-aging cosmetic industry upside down.

In fact, it turns out Mme. Calment was right. Olive oil is actually good for you. A high intake of oleic acid, the monounsaturated fat that is found in the purest olive oil, has been shown to be so good that the World Health Organization recommends the Mediterranean diet as the world’s healthiest and suggests olive oil as the best source of fat.

It gets better.

The Spanish have an old saying: “Olive oil will take the pain away.” And apparently, it does.

In an article in science journal Nature, researchers reported a previously unknown compound – oleocanthal – in extra-virgin olive oil, acts in a manner similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

Small wonder that Homer referred to olive oil as “liquid gold”.

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