20 Mar

New joint Israeli-Palestinian olive oil brand launched

After Peace Olive Oil, new brand of olive oil, Olives of Peace, produced by Palestinian and Israeli peace promoters to be marketed in Japan.

Israeli and Palestinian olive oil manufacturers have launched a new brand – Olives of Peace. It is a new product manufactured jointly by peace advocates from both sides of the divide.

The oil is a blend of Israeli and Palestinian made virgin olive oil, bottled by leading producers on both sides.

The idea came up in a series of seminars for olive growers and oil producers, where specialists from Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Italy gave lectures on new methods of producing quality olive oil.

The new brand will be initially marketed in Japan with the assistance of JETRO, the Japan external trade association. A British organization has also declared intent to order several thousand bottles and negotiations are being held with a company to market the oil in the US.

This project is a model of joint initiatives arranged by Crossroads, a new organization aimed at forming and supporting economic cooperation in the Middle East. To start with, the organization will focus on agricultural projects, environmental issues and related industries. The goal of the activity is to benefit and improve welfare by creating bi- or multi-faceted cooperation.

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  1. dsokal Says:

    Your readers may be interested in knowing that Peace Oil, a joint project of Israelis and Palestinians is already being sold in the US. Peace Oil is Palestinian extra virgin olive oil exported with the help of two Israeli and one Palestinian fair trade groups. The company that imports, bottles and distributes Peace Oil in the US, Olive Branch Enterprises, is soon to launch a new high-end gourmet brand call Salam Shalom a mix of olive oil from two farms, one Israeli and one Palestinian. See http://www.peaceoil.biz for more information.

  2. Peace Olive Oil available in USA - Olive News, Recipes, Health, Business & Consumer info. Says:

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  3. shay zavaro Says:

    I found this project very interesting I even deal with this subject a bit by my self and I have a lot of knowledge an connections to help this project grow I hope you will mail back .
    I admire the idea of helping palestinian economic grow and the cooperation with our neighbours.

    sincerely Shay

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