24 Feb

Pakistan and Greece to sign MoU for olive oil production


Pakistan and Greece are likely to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in olive cultivation and olive oil production.

According to the information reaching Trade Development Authority (TDAP) here on Saturday, MINFAL has already accepted the draft of the MoU which has now been forwarded to the Greek authorities for finalizing arrangements for signature.

Once signed, the MoU would also provide the necessary framework for collaboration in the field of agriculture.

Pakistani exporters would be able to re-export Greek olive oil to various regions where quality olive oil is needed.

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7 Responses to “Pakistan and Greece to sign MoU for olive oil production”

  1. Yago Says:

    I would like to know who wrotte this… Its all false and Please, dont confuse customers from Pakistan;

    – You said: Olive oil is one of the major and eminent products of Greece and is stated to be the finest in the world…

    Thats not true, I will not say is not very good but better than Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil,,, Why? No sir… please, just say is ONE OF THE BEST…

    – YOU SAID: These countries mix 30 percent of Greek olive oil with their own product to improve its quality and then re-export under their own brands

    What are you talking about, you know nothing about the olive Oil business. Spain dont import from Greece Olive Oils, we do just Crude Pomace but Not Extra Virgin. they buy from us. NOBODY MIS WITH GREEK OLIVE OILS IN SPAIN… You should not be allowed to writte inhere… You are NOT SAYING ANY TRUTH AND YOU DONT KNOW ANOUT OLIVE OIL MARKET…

    Whoever you are, please dont ever writte about Olive Oil ever, and I ll tell you more, please try Evoos from all places and learn a bit more about them before publishing this…

  2. Henry Mackay Says:

    “These countries mix 30 percent of Greek olive oil with their own product to improve its quality and then re-export under their own brands.”

    I don’t know about this. It may be true about Italy (although the 30% figure is probably an exaggeration), Greece exports NO olive oil to Spain, ever.

  3. Yago Says:

    Why dont you publish my comments? , I did not offend, I just said the writter is confusing reqaders and not saying the truth

  4. Olives101 Says:

    @ Yago: I agree with you and if you want to write to the author, click on the source link, then you will find a way to contact him or the editor.

    @ Henry: how’re you buddy? I’ve edited the post to avoid any confusion between olives101 and the author.

  5. marin Says:

    olives are yummy mmmmm

  6. Zaitoon Trader Says:

    Dear readers,
    i have been in the Zaitoon/Olive trade since somtime.

    It is a fact that Italy and Spain, both import Olive Oil from abroad, to fullfil the World’s demand for Italian or Spanish olive brands.
    Mostly they buy from Tunesia, Syria, and sometimes from Turkey.
    When the crop in Spain is good, (spain) it does not import any olive oil from abroad.
    However, The Italian Olive trader says, they have to, since they themselves consume most of their produce/local olive oil.
    Italy mostly buys from Tunesia or sometimes from Syria or Turkey. Mixes it with their own. (there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you mix Virgin with Virgin Oil.)
    The falsehoood is this , Italians only mention their own Name : Made in Italy.

    Another genuine info, pay a little extra money and only buy Virgin Olive Olive, i.e The first cold press.
    Pomace olive is only good for Soaps or body massage.
    Search the internet, on news regarding the Ban on Spanish Olive Oils, in many countries, including Ireland, UAE. Spanish Pomace oil were causing Cancer.

    I look forward to share more news, views on Olive/Zaytoon.

    grow olives in your gardens !

  7. Marina Says:

    From my region in Crete we already started to transport our exlusive olive oil to Italians this year. They come with lorries that takes 27.000 kg olive oil in each car, directly from the olive oil mill.
    Why do Cretan people allow this? I’m so frustrated!
    We have the best olive oil in the world and every year we let Italians come to take all of it. The italians re-sell my oil to the rest of the Europe.
    Cretan people are stupid farmers, not businessmen!

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