24 Feb

Biogin’s High Content Olealife Series of Olive Polyphenols Introduced

Biogin Biochemicals has announced that it has been developing an Olive Polyphenol ingredient standardized, 50 percent that is now ready for market to expand the company’s available range of its Olealife Polyphenol series products.

Thus far, Biogin Biochemicals has introduced both a 10% to 50% Olive Polyphenol specification. Both are extracted by water, and the result is 100% solubiliy into water and with reliable stability.

Being a plant extract compound, Olive polyphenol has many potential health benefits, while the antioxidative effects mainly coming from the substance Hydroxytyrosol.

Olive Polyphenol has been widely used in many areas, such as cosmetic, health and food industuries.

Biogin Biochemicals is currently gearing up to produce Olive and the other Polyphenols on a large scale.

BioGin, is a leading manufacturer in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of Standardized Herbal Extracts, Food Additives and Pharmaceutical Intermediate for the Pharmaceutical, OTC, Dietary Supplement, and the Functional Food Industries worldwide.

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