25 Feb

Turkish Olive and olive oil producers and exporters seek compromise

An “Olive and Olive Oil Sector fact-finding” conference bringing together the sector’s 42 leading names was held to brainstorm ideas on producer premiums, European Union quotas, domestic consumption and promoting export facilities.

During the conference the sector’s weak and strong points were discussed and proposals were designated. It was divided in five main working groups as, namely export policies, support, production, research-development, advertisement and promotion, reported Doğan news agency yesterday. The conference was held by the Olive and Olive Oil Promotion committee and coordinated by the undersecretaries of foreign trade

Raw material export should be allowed:
The export policies group declared Turkey’s olive oil export goal to be $1.2 million, the olive export goal as $600 million and the olive pomace oil export goal as $100 million for 2015. It was stated that to be able to compete with the rivals, even in the times when the domestic raw material is insufficient in terms of amount and quality, raw material import should be allowed.

Premium should be YTL 1.5:
The group pointed out that the olive oil producer received 1.32 euros per kilo and claimed that the olive oil producers in Turkey should receive YTL 1.5 premium.

To be able to strengthen the image of Turkish olive and olive oil, advertisement studies and promotional activities should be carried out, the group said. These activities are to be carried out by the Olive and Olive Oil Advertisement committee which will designate the markets, participate in the fairs and give advertisements to the sector-specific magazines. The group will not only carry out their studies in the international markets but also in the domestic market. The objective is to increase the olive oil consumption from 1 to 2 kilograms.

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