25 Apr

Olive Oil Production Returns to Afghanistan

By Qadeem Weyar,

Olive Oil production in Nangarhar restores this product to the country after a decade and half.

The factory is reconstructed by the Italian government, funded $800,000 for the project. In addition of the oil, olive soap is also being produced in the factory.

The industrial unit is provided with modern equipments and some technical labours are also trained in Italy and Pakistan.

Engineer Ghulam Gul, head of the factory said the factory is engaged in producing the oil only two months in a year, therefore, he suggests to process other vegetables to maintain the factory switched on.

The official said, the factory was producing more than 80 tons of olive oil in a year back in 1984, when it was destroyed afterwards.

Nangarhar olive oil factory is part of the massive Provincial Canal Project which processes agricultural products in the country.

Despite boost in the Afghan economy, the country still imports almost the entire goods from neigbour countries.

Economical experts say establishing factories and producing goods will impact on self-sufficiency of Afghanistan.

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