29 Sep

Added olive oil is no heart panacea

If you’ve looked closely at the bottle of olive oil in your pantry, you might have noticed a health claim touting the heart health benefits of using olive oil. Under what is termed a “qualified health claim,” the Food and Drug Administration allows bottles of olive oil to display the following statement: “Limited and not […]

09 Sep

Woman charged in alleged olive pit scam

Authorities say a Waukesha, Wis., woman allegedly stole more than $25,000 from her employer by falsely claiming olive pits had cracked people’s teeth. Ellen J. Schroeckenthaler, 52, who worked for the Seville olive importing company in Waukesha, allegedly filed the false claims in other people’s names, then filled out company checks and had acquaintances cash […]

08 Sep

Olive oil had a large number of usages in ancient Greece

The research, conducted by Adelphi Universitys Anagnostis Agelarakis, has outlined the use of olives and olive oil in antiquity, ancient and traditional cultivation methods, and olives and human nutrition and health. Olive oil was not only considered as a health product in ancient Greece, but something that had in essence a divine power embedded in […]

08 Sep

Cancer causing preserved black olives in the market

By B.M/ Translation A. Ait El Hara, Competent services at ministries of Health and Commerce (Algeria) have opened comprehensive investigations on alleged cancer causer preserved black olive quantities being commercialized these days, well informed sources told El Khabar. The same sources further added that the initial clues of the investigation said traders likely tend mixing […]

28 Aug

Olive leaf extract helps tackle blood pressure and cholesterol

Taking olive leaf extract can help tackle high blood pressure and cholesterol, a new report has found. The study published in Phytotherapy Research today, outlines the results of tests conducted on 20 identical twins, all of whom had increased blood pressure. Researchers used identical twins as a way of eliminating uncertainties caused by genetic variations […]